Loan information – Repayment period minimum 3 months maximum 49 months. Maximum APR 117,21%. Maximum nominal interest 79,00%. Loan example: 1000kr, 90 days, interest 110kr, fee 0kr, total 1110kr. APR 117,21%.

Limitloan – safe and easy financing for your everyday needs

Our limitloan offers you an easy and quick way to solve any acute money needs that you might encounter in your everyday life. We at Lånbutiken acknowledge that life is unpredictable and sometimes it can lead us to situations where a few extra kronas would be more than welcome. 

Limitloan is a convenient and above all safe loan option that allows you to borrow up to SEK 15 000, with a flexible repayment plan. Check out below what limitloan is about and apply for a loan already today!

Basic information about Limitloan

  • We grant loans of SEK 15 000 for returning customers. For new customers the limit is SEK 10 000, which can be increased in the future.
  • The granted amount works as the credit limit of the loan.
  • You will only pay for the amount that you ACTUALLY withdraw and use of the credit that you have been granted. This means that even if you would be granted SEK 15 000 you will only repay the portion that you use of it (and not the whole credit). If you don’t need the entire amount that you have been granted, you can just leave it unused without any extra costs.
  • You can decide yourself the amount that you want to withdraw and you can make as many withdrawals of the granted amount as you want per month – Brukslån is therefore a very flexible loan option!
  • The monthly repayment can either be 10 % or a minimum of SEK 500 – you can decide what repayment plan is the most suitable for you.
  • You choose your payment day – either the 15th each month or the last day of the month.

Who can apply for a Limitloan?

Anyone who meets the five requirements below can be entitled a limitloan.

  • Age between 20-70 years
  • A permanent Swedish resident
  • Has legal and credit capacity 
  • Is able to prove their identity through any of the identification options that we offer
  • Provides information about their income